Did you know?

  • Once you are married your Will becomes invalid. This means that if you had beneficiaries who are not your spouse listed in your Will, they will not receive these gifts.
  • Also if you have appointed an Executor who is someone other than your spouse to administer your Estate, that appointment will not take effect.
  • When you marry it is important to remake your Will, so it is clear as to your wishes.  It is also important to plan your future by making an Enduring Power of Attorney.

If you are over 18 and have capacity to understand the nature and the effect of the power you are giving an Attorney, making an Enduring Power of Attorney for health and financial matters is important.

We can make your Will at no cost, phone 1300 360 044 to arrange an appointment.

We can also make your Enduring Powers of Attorney for a competitive fee, we offer a discount for couples and if you appoint the Public Trustee as your sole Attorney for financial matters we will waive the fee.

The Public Trustee has been serving Queensland since 1916, and you can trust us to be there when you say YES.

Last published: 17/01/2018 6:16:21 AM