Customer feedback - 2019

The Public Trustee conducts bi-annual customer satisfaction research, through a third-party provider. 

Financial administration services 

“I find them very good. They pay off all my bills and expenses. They budget all my money and handle all my accounts. They help me save money. I don't know what I would do without the Public Trustee.” August 2019

“They help me save money. They have provided me with the ability to buy the things that I actually need and help me lay off spending too much and help me to save. I'm learning how to spend money in a more efficient manner and manage my finances.” August 2019

"I've been with the Public Trustee for years and years and years, for quite a few decades I've been with them now. I just feel that my Public Trustee officer is very trustworthy, very calm, and very understanding. We can talk things out together.” August 2019

Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney

Very easy to organise an appointment. Everything was explained so my wife and I could understand it, and the staff were very friendly."
Will making customer, Townsville Service Centre,  July 2019

“I found staff to be very efficient and courteous. I would not hesitate to recommend to my family and friends.” 
Will making customer, Bundaberg Service Centre,  July 2019

“Exceptional. The staff were both very professional, very helpful, and possess high people skills.” 
Will making customer, Redcliffe Service Centre,  July 2019

“I was very happy when I went there. I would recommend them to others.” 
Will making customer, Toowoomba Service Centre,  July 2019

Beneficiaries of administered estates

“The staff were polite. They just sat down to explain things. They kept informing us of how they were going and what they were up to, it went pretty smoothly." August 2019

"They were compassionate. Treating you like people and empathising with your situation and doing the best they could.  They knew what they were talking about, they handled all the legalities of the estate and we didn't have to do anything." August 2019

"They were very sincere in the way that they approached us and in their manner. I have had a lot of dealings with them and they were so sincere and so gentle. You could not have asked for any better." August 2019



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