Search help

To search for funds under your name, enter the name, eg John Smith. The search page ignores symbols such as punctuation marks ("", '', commas) and "operator" symbols (&, +, -). If you include the word "and," as in "John" and "Smith", the search will attempt to find funds for John and Smith giving an incorrect result.

The order you type the keywords in does not affect the result, John Smith gives the same result as Smith John.

The search will pick up any files containing all of the words in your search, for example John Patrick Michael Smith. If the funds are registered to Smith, J P M, the search for the full name will not pick up these funds.

To search for all funds, it is suggested you start with the surname, eg Smith. If too many items are found, you can then refine your search, eg Smith J and refine further by adding more detail, eg Smith John. To ensure you find all funds, for the example John Patrick Michael Smith you could try the following in order:

  • Smith
  • Smith J
  • Smith J P
  • Smith J P M
  • Smith John
  • Smith John Patrick
  • Smith John Patrick Michael

The searches in order will return all results indicated below, Smith J P will return entires for John Patrick Smith as well as John Peter Smith and Paul Joseph Smith. As you increase the number of keywords, the number of results will decrease.

Searches are not case sensitive. Smith will return the same results as SMITH and smith.

The search is not sound-alike, if you type in Smith you will NOT get a result for Smyth. However, results where the search string is part of the name will appear, eg Smith will also return Smiths and Smithers. Smyth will also return Smythe.

Last published: 20/05/2019 12:49:56 AM