Unclaimed money 

Unclaimed money is funds that are due to a person, company or organisation that have not been received and after the statutory period of time become unclaimed.

The Public Trustee is the holder of unclaimed money in Queensland under Section 102 of the Public Trustee Act 1978 (Qld).

Unclaimed money received is recorded on the unclaimed money register. The Register may be searched online. To contact the Unclaimed Money unit, phone 1300 360 044.

Application to claim unclaimed money form (PDF, 108 KB) 

What funds do we hold?

The Public Trustee holds unclaimed money from the following sources:

  • Queensland Government Departments and Agencies (includes, hospitals, correctional centres, statutory authorities etc.)
  • Accountable persons as defined under the Public Trustee Act 1978 (people/company who carry on business in Queensland)
  • Solicitors, real estate agents, accountants, nursing homes etc. who operate in Queensland pursuant to their relevant Act
  • Unclaimed wages or salaries for employees engaged under a Queensland State Award.

What we do not hold

  • Dormant bank, building society or credit union accounts
  • Life insurance unclaimed money
  • Dissenting shareholders
  • Superannuation
  • Rental bond money

Search and claim unclaimed money

You can search the unclaimed money register using a variety of search parameters e.g. Smith, Smith T, Smith Tom.

The more definitive your search the less number of results will be shown. If you locate funds which you believe to be yours print the details as shown and then download the Application to claim unclaimed money form (PDF, 53 KB). 

To claim funds, you must have the following supporting documentation:

  • 100 points of identification (e.g. driver’s licence, passport, credit cards, Medicare card). Photocopies of the originals are also required and these must be certified true copies signed by Justice of the Peace, Commissioner for Declarations or any other person authorised under the Oaths Act 1867.
  • You will also be required to submit evidence of your association with the lodger of the funds. If money is held in joint names or multiple names then all parties must claim at the same time.
  • Claims that are lodged on behalf of a company or business must have the Australian Securities and Investment Commission print out of the office holders of the company attached. Only the office holders can sign the claim on behalf of the business or company and must provide the 100 point identification requirement.

All claims should be sent to the following address:

Unclaimed Money
Public Trustee of Queensland
PO BOX 1449

For further inquiries regarding your claim or making a claim on behalf of a third party contact our Unclaimed Money unit, phone 1300 360 044 or email unclaimedmoney@pt.qld.gov.au to obtain assistance in lodging the claim.

Please note that this office is unable to process any claim received that does not meet the requirements outlined on the application form.  Any application that is received and assessed as incomplete, will be returned together with a request for the required information for resubmission. This office does not retain copies of incomplete applications.

Terms and conditions

The unclaimed money information displayed in the register is the property of the Public Trustee.

Database access is provided for the sole purpose of assisting the owners of unclaimed money lodged with the Public Trustee to locate their funds and make a claim for return of those funds.

By accessing this information, the user agrees they will not:

  • use this data for any purpose other than its intended use
  • create copies of, publish or allow others to access the information without first having obtained the Public Trustee’s permission in writing (which may be refused in the absolute discretion of the Public Trustee)
  • knowingly contravene the provisions of any privacy legislation governing the use of information.

The unclaimed money register contains details of unclaimed money from deceased estates administered by the Public Trustee and unclaimed money received from other sources. This facility will allow you to search through a variety of sources of unclaimed money managed by the Public Trustee and you can complete an Application to claim unclaimed money form (PDF, 53 KB) if you believe you have a claim.

Search tips

Note: The unclaimed money database is updated every Monday.

Last published: 20/06/2019 5:02:55 AM