The Forde Foundation

The Forde Foundation was established in August 2000 in response to the findings of the Commission of Inquiry into Abuse of Children in Queensland Institutions, better known as the Forde Inquiry. The foundation’s governing document, the Trust Deed, states the foundation was created " for the relief of poverty, for the advancement of education, training or development, personal and social support, relief of sickness, suffering distress, general enhancement of social and economic wellbeing or for any other purposes beneficial to persons who have been wards of the State or under guardianship of the State or have been resident, as a child, in a Queensland institution."

The foundation receives funding for its grants program through its capital investments with the Public Trustee. Grant applications are assessed by the Forde Foundation Board of Advice but approved and paid by the Public Trustee upon the Board's recommendations.

The Forde Foundation's Deed of Trust empowers the Board of Advice to determine grant criteria, assess applications and make recommendations to the Public Trustee on how the income from the Trust Fund should be distributed. The Board of Advice consists of nine volunteer members, with Rob Ryan as the nominated Chairperson. The Patron of the foundation, Leneen Forde AC, was also the founding Chair of the foundation’s Board of Advice upon its establishment in August 2000.

As the Trustee of The Forde Foundation, the Public Trustee provides support through the management of capital investments and distribution of funds to grant recipients.

Frequently asked questions

Can I donate to The Forde Foundation?

  • Cheques can be written in the name of The Forde Foundation and sent directly to the foundation at GPO Box 806 Brisbane QLD 4001. The website is currently under construction.

What grants does the foundation offer?

  • The Forde Foundation offers three types of grants to support eligible individuals. These are:
    - Dental
    - Personal development grant to assist with educational / study / training needs
    - Health and wellness

How do I find out more information on The Forde Foundation?

  • You can find out more about The Forde Foundation by visiting their website.

Last published: 20/05/2019 1:09:53 AM