Lady Bowen Trust

The Lady Bowen Trust was established by the Queensland Government in 2006 and aims to re-engage people experiencing chronic homelessness so they achieve genuine, positive and lasting outcomes.

The Trust tailors support to help people with complex, individual needs to address issues that contribute to homelessness. These include mental health issues, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic and family violence and young people who have exited the care system.

With almost 20,000 homeless people in Queensland, ongoing financial support is crucial to ensuring those in need continue to receive assistance; particularly with tangible, everyday items like clothing, essential household goods, furniture, housing costs and more. Passionate about it mission to assist people in Queensland who are experiencing or are at risk of homelessness, the Trust aims to help the individuals stabilise their lives and build a better future.

The Trust partners with established charitable organisations, such as Mission Australia, to provide targeted and flexible support according to individual client needs and as specified in their case management plan. The Trust runs an annual grants program where like-minded charities are able to apply and receive funding for upcoming programs.

Chaired by Mr Darryl R Seccombe OAM, the Trusts Board of Advice consists of six highly experienced voluntary members who assist in the Trusts operational matters. His excellency, Paul de Jersey AC, Governor of Queensland is Patron of the Lady Bowen Trust.

Nominated as the independent Trustee of the Lady Bowen Trust, the Public Trustee is responsible for managing the funds, including the distribution to partner charities.

The Trust believes that all individuals can support the cause, either through financial contributions or through donations of time or services – no matter how big or small. It is only with the continuing generosity of the community and the corporate sector that the Trust can go on providing these necessary services.

Frequently asked questions

How can I donate?

  • Individuals and Organisation are encouraged to support the Lady Bowen Trust through donations so they are able to continue to deliver these vital services to the Queensland community

    If you are an individual 
    Individual contributions can be made through your Will, or in your lifetime.

    In your lifetime
    If you’d like to see the benefits of your donation in your lifetime, then call the Lady Bowen Trust and give a gift today.

    In your Will
    You can also leave your legacy in a bequest to the Lady Bowen Trust in your Will, simply by advising your Wills Officer during your Will appointment that you’d like to do so.

    If you are a corporation
    The Trust actively seeks donations and sponsorship from corporations to supplement the existing funding and to continue increase the number of Queenslanders experiencing primary homelessness that the Trust can assist.

    A corporate donation can be made by cheque, money order or by direct deposit by contacting the Lady Bowen Trust directly.

    If you’re an individual or an organisation looking to make a financial contribution today, you can do so by contacting the Trust directly via email, or by calling 1800 081 698.

    Donations over $2 are tax deductable.

How do I find out more information on the Lady Bowen Trust?

Last published: 20/05/2019 1:09:25 AM