Gladstone Foundation

Established as a perpetual Trust in 2011, the Gladstone Foundation enhances the liveability of Gladstone communities by providing social infrastructure and service needs in the Gladstone region.

Specific purposes of the Trust are relieving poverty, assisting the aged, relieving sickness or distress, advancing religion and education, providing childcare services on a non-profit basis and other purposes which benefit the Gladstone region.

The foundation manages the voluntary contributions made by infrastructure project proponents in Gladstone towards social infrastructure in the region. The voluntary contributions are paid to a Trust fund overseen by the Public Trustee of Queensland, who has ultimate responsibility for the investment and distribution of foundation funds.

The foundation follows a structured approach to allocating funding through a grants process for projects that contribute to addressing the social infrastructure needs of the people of the Gladstone region. All projects funded by the Gladstone Foundation will possess a common thread of improved social infrastructure and/or tackling social disadvantage as realistically as circumstances dictate.

The Public Trustee provides support to the Gladstone Foundation through the investment and distribution of funds as recommended by the Board of Advice. The Board of Advice comprises of representatives with extensive knowledge across a variety of sectors. Mr Tim Griffin OAM FCILT occupies the role of Chairperson of the Board.

Frequently asked questions

Can I donate to the Gladstone Foundation?

The Gladstone Foundation welcomes donations so it can continue its work funding social infrastructure in the Gladstone region. You can find out more information here.

How do I find out more information on the Gladstone Foundation?

  • You can find out more about the foundation by visiting their website.

Last published: 20/05/2019 1:10:09 AM