Our Structured Decision-Making Framework

The Public Trustee of Queensland’s Customers First Agenda is an ongoing commitment to put customers first in every interaction and is based on Queensland’s important human rights reforms, as we become a more modern, socially and financially responsible service.

We are committed to ensuring customers are central to all decisions, practice and policies of the Public Trustee.

Our Structured-Decision Making Framework has been embedded into everyday practice to support stronger customer engagement through decision-making that is founded in the views, wishes and preferences of customers, in consultation with their support networks.

Our Framework was developed in consultation with La Trobe University, and is based on the La Trobe Support for Decision Making Practice Framework, a leading document when working with people with disabilities.

The aim of the Public Trustee’s Structured Decision-Making Framework is to continuously improve the quality of support given to customers, and follows three guiding principles:

1. Commitment

  • to the person and their rights
  • to the process (steps, principles and strategies)

2. Coordination

  • with the support network, past records and current records

3. Reflection and review

  • of the Public Trustee of Queensland’s policy and procedures
  • the customer’s budget
  • overcoming individual bias and approach.

The Public Trustee continues to engage meaningfully with customers and their support networks to make appropriate decisions by following the seven steps below.

  1. Knowing the person
  2. Identifying the needs for a decision and describing the need
  3. Obtaining the customer’s views, wishes and preferences
  4. Identifying the priorities and constraints, and engaging with the support networks
  5. Undertaking a structured process
  6. Reaching the decision and associated decisions
  7. Actioning and evidencing the decision.

Evaluation of our Structured-Decision Making Framework

In November 2021, La Trobe University’s Living with Disability Research Centre conducted research, on behalf of the Public Trustee, to evaluate the introduction of the Structured Decision-Making Framework into its practices.

The final report of this evaluation can be accessed below.

Considering Human Rights in Decision Making: Evaluation of the Introduction of Structured-Decision Making Framework in the Public Trustee Queensland (PDF, 558 KB)

Last published: 9/06/2022 4:56:31 AM