Public Trustee of Queensland Growth Trust (Growth Trust)

The Public Trustee of Queensland (PTQ) offers the Growth Trust, an investment fund which provides a fully diversified investment strategy for those seeking long-term income and capital growth. The PTQ is the trustee and manager of the Growth Trust and is responsible for determining the investment objectives and strategy, arranging for the proper investment of all monies, and ensuring that the Investment Manager achieves acceptable rates of return. QIC Limited (QIC) is the Investment Manager of the Growth Trust. A government owned corporation established in 1991, QIC is a leading provider of investment management services to government entities, superannuation funds and other institutional investors.

Investment in the Growth Trust is only available to clients whose financial affairs are under administration by the PTQ. The Growth Trust was previously open to the general public (external investment). If you are an investor in the Growth Trust who is not a client of the PTQ, you are unable to increase your Growth Trust investment. The Growth Trust was closed to external investment with effect from 1 January 2013.


For more information , please see the Investor Update - External investors notification in the publications area of the website.


For more information regarding the Growth Trust, please see the Publications Investments page.

Last published: 9/06/2022 4:51:55 AM