The Official Solicitor

The Office of the Official Solicitor was created by the Public Trustee Act 1978.The Official Solicitor delivers legal services to the Public Trustee of Queensland and the Queensland Government.

The Office employs around 30 lawyers, dispersed into four teams:

  • Disability Services Workgroup - this workgroup specialises in providing advice about issues that arise for clients with a disability, including misappropriation of monies.
  • Deceased Estates Workgroup - this workgroup specialises in providing advice and support in relation to the Public Trustee's deceased estates.
  • Wills, Trusts and Disability Workgroup - this workgroup provides specialist advice in relation to the drafting and construction of Wills and Trusts and provides added expertise in the area of disability services.
  • Conveyancing and Corporate Services Workgroup - this workgroup delivers legal services to cater for the property and commercial needs of the Public Trustee and select government clients.

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Last published: 18/06/2019 9:58:06 PM