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Queensland Community Foundation

Have you ever wanted to create a lasting gift for a cause or charity but haven't known how?

Perhaps you've wanted to make sure your family name or that of a loved one is remembered for years to come.

Or perhaps you want to assist in your community in some way.

The Queensland Community Foundation is the answer.

To find out more about leaving a bequest to the Queensland Community Foundation click here

It is a trust set up to allow Queenslanders to donate money to charities or community causes on a perpetual basis. Donations are made to a pool of money, which is continually invested to provide an ongoing income. This way, the original donation is never actually spent, but keeps on giving long after the money was donated.

The Foundation is a public charitable trust, established and managed by the Public Trustee of Queensland as Trustee. A voluntary Board of Governors comprising a number of respected citizens with a wealth of experience and expertise, oversee operations. The Board is chaired by Dr John de Groot BA, LLB, PhD, a leading specialist and author in the area of Wills and Estate Law and Adjunct Professor at the T. C. Beirne School of Law at the University of Queensland. The former Premier, The Hon. Mike Ahern AO, is Patron of the Foundation.

The foundation is committed to its mission of serving our State's communities by providing a permanent funding source for charity.


Different ways to donate

  • Establish your own named fund, which will serve the specific purpose that you identify.
  • Leave money to a charity that is already established within the Queensland Community Foundation. This will ensure the charity's good work continues in the future.
  • You can donate or leave money or assets to one of the Queensland Community Foundation's regional funds. Money will be used to meet pressing and emerging needs in your chosen community, based on the recommendations of a local Advisory Board.
  • You can donate or leave money to the Queensland Community Foundation General Fund. The Fund responds to the most pressing needs of the day as determined by the Trustee on the advice of the Foundation's Board of Governors.


Administration expenses

You pay no legal or set-up charges when you give through the Queensland Community Foundation. The development and administrative costs of the Foundation itself are funded through corporate sponsorship.

The QIC and Anglo Coal Australia are co-sponsors with the Public Trustee to achieve the purpose of the Foundation.

The Public Trustee charges a fee (against income received only) for acting as Trustee.


Security of your donation

The Public Trustee of Queensland has helped Queenslanders since 1916. It has vast experience in the safe and responsible management of trusts.

The QIC manages the investments of the Queensland Community Foundation's Funds. The funds are invested to balance capital growth and income receipts. The Public Trustee Investment Funds provide a prudential and secure investment vehicle for philanthropic investments.


Your personal gift

The foundation aims to encourage Queenslanders to give something back to their community. You can do it through your will, or in your lifetime.


In your lifetime

Perhaps you would like to see the benefit of your donation in your lifetime, then give something today. Such gifts are tax deductible. To donate, simply contact the Queensland Community Foundation or your local Public Trust Office.


In your will

You can leave money or assets in your Will to the Queensland Community Foundation General Fund by establishing your own named fund, or nominate a suitable charity whether already set up within the Queensland Community Foundation or not.

Ask your solicitor or accountant to contact the nearest Public Trust Office to obtain appropriate wording to be included in your will on how to establish a named fund, or to give to charity through the Queensland Community Foundation.


Your corporate gift

The Queensland Community Foundation makes it easy for companies to establish a charitable trust fund. The process to set up a fund is simple. All you need is:

  • The name of your fund, trust or foundation.
  • A paragraph outlining the intended purpose of the fund.
  • A cheque for the initial deposit made to the Queensland Community Foundation.

Setting up a fund is fast and uncomplicated, as the trust structure is pre-existing. With no administration or set up charges, it is a convenient and cost effective way of giving back to the community that supports your business.


Contact details

To donate or for any enquiries, contact the Queensland Community Foundation :
Phone: (07) 3360 3854
Fax: (07) 3360 3979
Postal: GPO Box 450
Brisbane Qld 4001

Last published: 26/07/2017 12:56:58 AM